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Rewire your brain. Live stronger. Healthier. Happier.

Brainbuddy helps you rewire your brain, freeing you from porn addiction. Permanently.

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Brainbuddy helps you quit
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Porn addiction recovery is unique to each person. Brainbuddy learns your history, your lifestyle and your porn habits.

Fun activities rewire your brain in 10 minutes a day

Your responses create tailored activities to help rewire your brain, improve willpower, and prevent relapse.

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Your evening checkup tracks your progress

Your checkup helps Brainbuddy understand your triggers and keep your accountable.

24/7 protection

Brainbuddy learns your habits and temptation patterns, providing you with constant protection.

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Know yourself to conquer yourself

Understand your strengths and weaknesses and track how far you have come.

Join the community

Work as a team to complete challenges, stay motivated, share advice, and help others.

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Level up your life

Recovering from porn addiction has immense psychological and physical benefits. Become stronger, healthier, happier.

What people are saying

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'I've felt hope for the first time in years. I won't sacrifice another day to this addiction.'
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'I have gone 94 days without using porn and I feel like I've found my real self.'
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‘Thankyou for making Brainbuddy, it has been invaluable. This is the best porn addiction app.’
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‘I struggled with PMO and nofap for so long. This app is the only thing that has help me quit porn.’