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Reboot your brain. Reboot your life.

Brainbuddy rewires your brain, helping you create healthy new synaptic pathways that free you from porn addiction. Forever.

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Rewire your brain

The result of over 3000 hours of user feedback and study, Brainbuddy helps rewire your brain back to how it was before you got hooked on porn. From day one, your tailored rebooting program isolates and destroys addiction signals in the brain, while creating healthy new pathways that restore your brain - and improve your life.

10 minutes a day keeps porn away

Brainbuddy recommends daily exercises that actively rewire your brain and help you quit porn. From simple mindfulness meditation to cognitive behavioural therapy, these exercises are designed to create new synaptic pathways in the brain that will eliminate porn cravings and reawaken your natural sex drive.

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Become the best version of yourself

Your daily checkup measures the improvements that eliminating porn has on your life. In combination with daily exercises, users report radical changes to many aspects of their life, from feeling stronger to unshakeable self-confidence.

What people are saying

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'I've felt hope for the first time in years. I can and will beat this.'
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'I have gone 94 days without using porn and I feel like I've found my real self.'
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‘Thankyou for making Brainbuddy, it has been invaluable. This is the best porn addiction app.’
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‘I struggled with PMO and nofap for so long. This app is the only thing that has help me quit porn.’