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Are you a girl or woman worried about addiction to masturbation?

When people think of addiction, oftentimes they first think of drugs and alcohol. Without a doubt, drug and alcohol addictions are the most prevalent, or at least the most obvious, in society. However, there are many forms of addiction that are less easy to spot.

Known as behavioral addictions, these addictions involve the habitual or compulsive use of certain activities. Behavioral addictions can include things like gambling, having sex, eating, or, as we will discuss in this article, masturbation. Masturbation addiction is a very real problem that can lead to profound mental, social, and emotional difficulties. In this article, we will discuss the causes, porn withdrawal symptoms, and potential treatments for female masturbation addiction and masturbation withdrawal.

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Symptoms of female masturbation addiction

Most people masturbate from time to time. Many are surprised to find out that masturbation can even become an addiction. If you are unsure of whether or not your masturbation is an addiction or a healthy habit, then you should learn about the symptoms of masturbation addiction.

If you notice several of the following symptoms in your life, then you may be addicted to masturbating. If this is the case, you will want to move forward with one of the treatment methods which we will discuss below.

  • Frequently thinking about masturbating.
  • Masturbating several times per day.

  • Making excuses at school, work, or during social situations to excuse yourself so that you can go masturbate.

  • Watching pornography in order to masturbate, or being unable to climax without porn.

  • Developing increasingly intense preferences for pornographic material.

  • Deciding that you would like to masturbate less but being unable to do so.

  • Lying to your friends or family about the amount that you masturbate.

  •  Neglecting your responsibilities in order to go masturbate.

  • Using more tools or toys in order to get the same satisfaction that you used to get from masturbating without toys.

  • Noticing changes in your sexual or romantic life as a result of masturbating. 
  • You may find that it becomes increasingly difficult to receive the same amount of pleasure from your partner. 
  • You may also notice that you develop sexual dysfunction as a result of masturbating. It may be more difficult for you to get aroused without the assistance of pornography. You may also find that you are no longer interested in your partner and that you would prefer to masturbate alone.
  • You may notice that you are developing unrealistic or difficult expectations in the bedroom. This symptom is more common if you frequently use pornography to masturbate. Pornographic material can provide you with an unrealistic standard of sexual activity. If you are unable to meet the standard, or if you hold your partner up to this standard, you may find yourself disappointed.
  • Pornography addiction may also develop as a result of masturbation addiction. While it’s certainly possible to masturbate without pornography, many masturbation addicts find that they also develop a serious habit of watching pornography.

Women with masturbation addiction may notice some of these symptoms, or in serious cases, all of them. If you are not noticing any of these symptoms, then your masturbation is most likely at a normal and healthy level.

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Can masturbation addiction really affect females?

Without a doubt, masturbation addiction is most often thought to be a male problem. And, while male masturbation may be more often discussed, there is just as much possibility for females to become addicted to masturbation. Masturbation addiction is defined as the compulsive or habitual engagement in masturbation despite the emergence of negative outcomes. Much like any addiction, females with a masturbation addiction will repeatedly engage in the habit regardless of how it is affecting their lives.

Masturbation addiction can be very difficult to overcome. If the addiction becomes serious enough, it can actually lead to changes in the brain’s structure. This is true of any addiction, not just substance abuse addictions.Masturbation causes the release of certain neurotransmitters and hormones in the brain and body. These biological compounds produce feelings of pleasure, relaxation, and decreased stress. These feelings are quite enjoyable, and as such, many people begin to crave them.

Masturbation can be a sustainable activity if it is done in moderation. However, in the case of masturbation addiction, moderation is not necessarily present.

When masturbation is repeatedly used as a tool and becomes a habit, it can create a number of changes in the brain. The brain is hard-wired to adjust its function when people engage in pleasure-seeking behavior.

It’s important to understand how the brain processes pleasure if you’re interested in learning how to overcome an addiction. The brain actually has a very specific system that is dedicated to producing and managing feelings of pleasure. This part of the brain is known as the mesolimbic reward pathway, and it deals with a very specific chemical known as dopamine. You may already be familiar with dopamine. This is a certain brain chemical, known as a neurotransmitter, which is related to feelings of pleasure, motivation, energy, and sexual desire.

The biological role of this chemical is to produce feelings of pleasure and reward when we do something that is good for us. For example, dopamine, as well as some other key endorphins, are released whenever we exercise. This creates a positive feedback loop by making us feel accomplished and satisfied after our exercise. This encourages us to continue exercising so that we can develop healthy habits.

The reason that we experience pleasurable releases of chemicals after masturbating is that our cortex cannot distinguish between self-pleasuring and sex. We are hardwired to experience pleasure after having sex because this is the single most important biological function for the preservation of our species. Masturbating basically tricks the brain into thinking that we’ve successfully mated, thus signaling this rush of pleasurable chemicals.

In other words, we get to experience a vast amount of pleasure without having to put much effort in. This is one of the reasons that masturbating can so easily create an addiction.

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What causes masturbation addiction?

Most women discover masturbation on their own. This can lead to a healthy level of sexual exploration and masturbation. However, this can easily spiral out of control and create a habitual pattern of sexual deviance or chronic masturbation.

There are many different things that can cause or contribute to a masturbation addiction for women. Here are a few examples of some of the underlying causes of masturbation addiction.

Emotional issues

Many women with masturbation addictions also struggle with emotional difficulties. Emotional problems like anxiety and depression can be very difficult to deal with. Masturbation provides a quick release and can help to reduce stress.

If you choose to use masturbation as a form of emotional release, this is not necessarily a bad thing. However, women who rely solely on masturbation for relief, rather than tackling their emotions head-on, may develop an addiction.


Trauma occurs when the individual is exposed to a difficult situation that overwhelms them and surpasses their ability to cope. When this happens, the emotional experience is stored as trauma. If the trauma is not dealt with, it may manifest in a number of different ways, including masturbation addiction.

This is especially true if the trauma in question has to do with sexuality. Women who are sexually abused may develop an unhealthy relationship with their sexuality. This can interfere with their ability to connect with others and develop healthy relationships. Rather than risk being vulnerable or exposed to their sexual trauma, they may instead develop a masturbation addiction.

Sexual repression

Many women are raised in households that actively discourage sexual behavior. Women who are raised, for example, by religious parents may be told that sexuality is wrong or unhealthy. Rather than having an opportunity to explore their sexuality comfortably, these women may associate sexual behavior with shame and embarrassment.

One of the results of this type of sexual repression is masturbation addiction. If women don’t have the opportunity to explore their sexuality freeky, they may believe that they must do so in secret. This can lead to frequent masturbation instead of the search for healthy romantic partners.


Boredom is one of the leading causes of addiction in general. If you’re bored, this means that you’re not filling your life with activities that fulfill you.

Because masturbation stimulates the same release of dopamine that one gets when they accomplish something, it may become a desirable activity. Masturbation allows you to feel fulfilled even without having to accomplish anything.

Treatment for masturbation addiction

If you think that you have a masturbation addiction, then you’ll probably be interested in learning how to overcome it. Here are a few examples of some of the best ways to overcome masturbation addiction.

Find a counselor or therapist

Many counselors specialize in the treatment of behavioral addictions such as masturbation. There are also sexual counselors who can help women understand their sexuality and learn to overcome masturbation addiction.

These counselors and therapists will help you understand your emotions and any underlying factors that are contributing to masturbation addiction. They will teach you the tools that you need to express your sexuality in a healthy way.

Join a support group

Many women find a lot of benefit in joining a support group to help with the benefits of quiting porn. There are many support groups that are specifically designed to help people overcome masturbation addiction. While these groups may not be as common as support groups for those struggling with substance abuse addictions, they are still available. You may have better luck finding one of these groups online.

Support groups have a number of different benefits. One of the biggest benefits of a support group is that they allow you to feel connected to others with similar issues. Masturbation addiction is fairly taboo and some women have difficulty sharing their problem with other people. A support group allows you to realize that you’re not going through this struggle alone.

Make some new hobbies

Addictions of all sorts are generally an indication that people do not have enough emotional fulfillment or that they have too much free time. One of the best ways to find fulfillment is to start engaging in activities that you enjoy.

If you haven’t found a hobby or activity that you enjoy, take some time to find one. Perhaps you could start practicing a musical instrument or join a new sport or group activity.

Finding a group activity also allows you to engage with other people. This is important and leads to our next suggestion for treatment.

Develop healthy human connections

Masturbation is physically pleasurable, however, many women find that they are masturbation addiction is related to a desire for human connection. Some form of connection is always at the root of sexual behavior. People with sexual addictions may find that they’re really just yearning for human connection.

Finding fulfillment through relationships with friends, family members, or romantic partners may fill the void that you are unconsciously trying to fill with masturbation. 

Consider rehab

Rehab is not just for people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Many rehabs offer a program for people who struggle with behavioral addictions, such as masturbation addiction.

If none of the other solutions on this list have proven effective for you, you may want to reach out to a rehab company to see what sort of treatment they can offer.


Masturbation addiction is a serious problem that affects a number of women worldwide. Masturbation addiction can adversely affect your social life, emotional health, self-confidence, and relationships.

Fortunately, there are a number of solutions for people who struggle with masturbation addiction. If you want to overcome your addiction, then don’t hesitate to try some of the solutions that we have outlined in this article.

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