Did you discover porn before real sex?

The severity of porn or masturbation addiction varies depending on the age you began using pornography and how your viewing habits have changed.

We recommend beginning with the Brainbuddy addiction test before proceeding further.

Your brain is not fixed and static it has the ability to change itself based on your habits and the activities you take part in. So, any changes that have been made in your brain by your porn addiction can be changed once more to healthy responses – but this can take time.

Therefore it’s important to give the process of rebooting time to settle, and to be aware that the time it takes for you to see results will be unique to you.

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A trend that has been noticed by many rebooting communities is that older guys tend to recover slightly quicker than very young men. That appears to be because the vast majority of younger men who develop a problem with porn grew up watching high speed internet porn and conditioning their adolescent brain to respond primarily to the kinds of porn that were simply not available to older generations. That means it can take longer for the reward-system to adjust to a different and healthier sexuality for younger men. 

Reboot from porn addiction. Download Brainbuddy