What is rebooting?

by Brainbuddy

One of the primary ways that men experiencing the signs and symptoms of porn addiction are choosing to overcome their problem is by ‘rebooting’ themselves and their sexuality - physically and mentally.

A reboot is a period of time that you dedicate to returning to your innate sexuality by stopping all forms of porn for an extended period of time. Like other addictions and compulsions, completely stopping really is the only way for you to allow your brain and body to recover from the harmful effects of porn.

In a nutshell, rebooting is quitting ALL forms of ‘artificial’ sex. This of course includes the porn you watch, but it also includes other sources of stimulation that are ‘porn-like’ and can be counted as artificial sex. This might encompass Youtube videos, explicit video games, magazines or social media. The goal is to ensure that all forms of artificial arousal, especially via screens that remind you of your porn habit, are eliminated as you reboot.

Many men also find it helpful to temporarily stop or significantly reduce masturbating during a reboot. If you’ve been suffering the effects of “Traumatic Masturbation Syndrome" then a period of abstaining from masturbating could also be very helpful to your recovery.

Remember – rebooting is a chance for your brain and body to recover. As Gabe Deem says – all artificial stimulation leads to being “sexually conditioned to be aroused by pixels on a screen and novelty rather than a real person”, which is what you’re looking to overcome.